Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! (2004)

Actors always fall for clerks from a place called Piggly Wiggly. They always do.

Actor Tad Hamilton (Josh Duhamel) just wanted to promote his new movie when he agreed to go on a date with a fan as a stunt. When he ends up falling in love with the winner — Rosalie (Kate Bosworth), a grocery store clerk at a small-town Piggly Wiggly — all bets are off. But Rosalie’s co-worker and best pal, Pete (Topher Grace), won’t let her go without a fight. Who will win Rosalie’s affections — the actor or the boy next door?

Rom-coms can be really annoying sometimes, but there are usually other times when they make 90 minutes of formula seem not so bad after all. This one is sort of like them.

The one thing that this film has going for itself is that it is pretty funny and charming thanks to script by Victor Levin. There’s some funny moments here and there that surprisingly worked even though I think they were placed in the wrong film, and the great use it had for its character seem very well-done as well because all seemed very fleshed out.

However, the problem with this film that I had other than the formula, was that a lot of it just feels way too cheesy and not so believable. I never understood what about this girl touched Tad Hamilton so much to the point of where he wanted to just leave Hollywood after all and be with her. I mean they have a date that seems nice and cute, but they don’t really talk about much that would seem totally mind-boggling for a famous actor and nothing stands out for her either. She’s just plain, good-looking, and somebody he did not sleep with on a first-date and maybe that’s why he wants her so much.

The plot cliches didn’t really bother me that much until the last 30 minutes where I think this film really starts to become a big eye-roller. There’s a lot of sappy and cliche speeches that these characters give to one another, and the music that takes over it almost every time is over-bearing and just adds to the whole corniness of this film.

I also think that this film was trying to aim this for such a younger audience then it seemed like they had because a lot of the kids don’t talk like kids and seem like they’re still in high-school, even though they’re old enough to drink? I didn’t understand this and I think the film was marketed towards the wrong peeps which is why it didn’t do so well at the box-office.

The cast of this film is what kept me watching in the end, and really added a lot more fun to the film. Kate Bosworth is very good as this pretty and cute girl that seems likable enough for two completely different guys to love, but there was nothing about her that really stood-out amongst any other female in other rom-coms. Josh Duhamel is also very cool and charming as Tad Hamilton, this actor who come’s at a cross-roads in his life, but I just never really understood why he wanted to let everything go because of this chick. Topher Grace is probably the funniest part of this whole film as Pete because he’s essentially playing Eric Forman but his constant nerdy banter and remarks made me laugh every time.

Consensus: Though Win A Date With Tad Hamilton! has some funny and charming moments, thanks to its script and good cast, there isn’t much else that stands out other than a not very believable premise happening and some terribly sappy moments by the end of the film.


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  1. Good review. You answered your own question when you pointed out that she is really pretty and she didn’t put out for him like every other girl he’s met. That’s why the actor is interested in her. It’s one of the Hollywood cliches (unmarried women who have sex in movies don’t live to the end of dramas or get the guy in comedies.)

    It’s been this way for decades. I worked with a woman who came of age in the 1950s. She said that when she was going to movies then you always knew it was the girl in the tight sweater who smoked who was going to get eaten by the giant bug.

    • I thought that it was just so cheesy and if that was the reason, then this guy has some really low standards when it comes to chicks. Thanks Chip!

  2. Yeah, I found this movie to be a disappointment when I saw it on DVD. It’s unbelievably corny, and I also questioned why on earth Tad Hamilton would leave Hollywood for this girl when they’ve gone on only one date! There was nothing stand-outish about her.

    Also, the line about “she has 5 different smiles” or whatever it was. Almost made me gag. It just didn’t work and I felt like the movie was all downhill from there on out.

    I do like Topher Grace, but I wish he didn’t get subjected to playing loser/wimp type roles just because he’s a little on the small side. He kind of cracked me up in Spiderman 3 as Venom, though. Good review, Dan.

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