Safe House (2012)

Van Wilder ain’t got shit on me!

Denzel Washington plays the CIA’s most dangerous traitor, Tobin Frost, who stuns the intelligence community when he surfaces in South Africa. When the safe house to which he’s remanded is attacked by brutal mercenaries, a rookie (Ryan Reynolds) is forced to help him escape.

Heyoooo everybody! So I got this new review up and running but once again it’s not here, it’s on another website called “Philmalot!”. It’s a big movie site for all Philadelphia-area writers and it’s a site that I’m proud to say that I have started writing for even though there’s been plenty of them.

Anywhoo, go on over to the site and check my review out, show me some love by putting a little something something in the comments, and just go on over and check the rest of the site out because it’s pretty rad. Check out the link here:

Thanks everybody! Happy buy your woman something really expensive day!!



  1. Thanks for checking out my review- I was mostly reviewing it in relation to Cape Town. I agree with many points in your review, including how it’s not their best work, but the two actors do manage to carry the movie.

  2. Sounds like something I’d enjoy. I think I’m yet to be bored of Tony Scott films, so the fact that this is drawing from his style doesn’t really put me off. It’s out here next week, so soon I’ll get to see it 😀

  3. Sounds about right. This looks pretty generic as far as Denzel Washington action-thriller goes. I’ll give it a rental but I’m in no hurry to see it.

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