Megamind (2010)

A big-blue testicle vs. Brad Pitt.

A big-brained and blue super-villain named Megamind (Will Ferrell) finally beats his big-time rival, Metro Man (Brad Pitt). He soon then faces an existential crisis of sorts after he finds out that having no superhero at all to stop him from evil-wrong doings, is actually pretty boring. So, he creates a new enemy (Jonah Hill) who seeks to destroy the world, forcing Megamind to play the hero role for once in his life.

After checking out ‘Despicable Me’ for the first time earlier this year, basically everybody started comparing that to this film, making me want to see it even more. So now that I’ve seen it, all yo guys can shut yo mouths!

What really works with this film is that it touches just about every single plot-line, cliche, and convention that comes with a superhero comic-book story. You got everything from the smart villain, to the goofy-looking costumes, and whole lot more other elements that are not left untouched and that’s where the real fun of this film comes from. The film sort of pokes fun at everything we know of these superhero stories and twist them around in their own cool and original ways to be their own story.

The film is funny, but not in the way that you would expect from an animated-flick rated PG, it’s actually pretty adult-like. The humor is pretty witty with a lot of in-jokes, pop cultural references, but even enough jokes for kids that they will understand and laugh at but not as much as the parents. I actually found myself laughing quite a bit with this flick because the whole idea was cool right from the beginning, but how the film itself just tops on that with constant references, originality, and adult-like humor is what really made it work.

There is also a lot to look at here because the flick is beautiful and gets even better when the action is there too. The colors are very bright and vibrant but how colors will come and go in the middle of one action sequence is pretty cool. The music here is also pretty fun with a lot of old-school classics from AC/DC, ELO, Guns N Roses, Michael Jackson, and whole lot more to give this film the extra kick of fun it has.

My problem with this film is that the story is sort of what we always see in any superhero film, but when the film itself starts to dive right into those conventions it’s a little bit more disappointing. This film practically makes fun of these conventions so much that when it starts to hit into them by the end, it kind of left me bummed. The laughs also started to come less and less which had me bummed even more.

Will Ferrell is a lot of fun as Megamind because his character is not just evil, but he’s also very sensitive and likable which this film really worked well on with that character; Tina Fey is smart, funny, feisty, and a little sexy as Roxanne Ritchi, aka Lois Lane; David Cross is also very funny as Minion, Megamind’s second-man/thing-in-command; and Brad Pitt is awesome as Metro Man, who is the perfect combination of Elvis, Jesus, and Superman all rolled up into one hunk.

Jonah Hill is also pretty fun as Tighten but the problem with this character is that he is almost exactly like Syndrome from ‘The Incredibles’. Think about it for a second: both used to be good guys, they were both twisted into being villains by the good guys, and they both go insane-o in the end. You don’t realize this right from the get-go but once you start to think about it because it’s all the same disappointing as the ending itself.

Consensus: It may lose some steam by the end but Megamind is still a whole lot of fun due to its humor that pokes fun at all of the conventions of the superhero genre, it’s voices that are obviously having a ball, and the constant energy that this film keeps throughout the whole flick.



  1. I loved this movie to death. Saw it in theaters for my nephews birthday in Nov. 2010. I laughed more than the kids in attendance. So much they wouldn’t get because of pop-culture they haven’t experienced yet. But it was also fun on it’s own, Ferrell’s voice acting was perfect, Tina Fey was good too. Jonah Hill just sounded too much like Jonah Hill.

  2. Hey Dan, I enjoyed this film as well. If its going to be a kids movie there better be some adult jokes. Anyone who has some kids is going to know what I mean. Your going to end up seeing these films more than once so any sort of nuanced approach is going to be appreciated.
    nice post

  3. I agree with you on Jonah Hill’s character. It was too much like Jonah Hill and it wasn’t fully fleshed out. Everyone else managed to make something of their characters and not have you think about who voiced them. My favorite character is Minion. He’s so cute. I also loved the Space Dad character.

  4. Jonah Hill’s character was very stereotypic, but you really did wanna smack him hard over the head so at least he did it well. One of my favorite parts was Minion he was too cute to resist. Lastly, I really think the music made a lot of the parts to this movie memorable and a fun ride.

  5. Nice review! I too agree that Jonah Hill’s character was a big problem… just not interesting enough…

    I would put the movie at a 6 or 7, nothing too great…

  6. 8/10 for me. Very well done, but got hidden due to the amazingness of 2010’s animation (Toy Story 3, How to Train Your Dragon, Despicable Me). I agree with you on Jonah Hill’s character he’s cheesy and unfortunately way too much like Syndrome. Nice review!

  7. I wasn’t as taken with this film as others. It was fun, but forgettable. I haven’t seen it or thought about it since I saw it in theaters.

    You were right. A lot of it is stuff that we’ve seen before in other superhero films. and the comparison to The Incredibles…nice.

    good review.

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