American Wedding (2003)

Forever hold your last piece. That’s right, your last piece until the reunion.

With high school a distant memory, Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan) are getting married — and in a hurry, since Jim’s grandmother is sick and wants to see him walk down the aisle — prompting Stifler (Seann William Scott) to throw the ultimate bachelor party. And Jim’s dad (Eugene Levy) is reliable as ever, doling out advice no one wants to hear.

With the reunion come around soon, I thought that it would be a great idea to check out all three of the main ‘American Pie’ flicks and screw those other straight-to-dvd pieces of crap. Straight-to-dvd always blows.

Going into this flick you have to realize what you’re going to get right off the bat and that is exactly what this flick does and makes no apologies for that which is fine for me. There’s a whole bunch of gross-out gags that are actually disgusting and you can tell that the writers’ intentions are to actually make people hurl this time around. I usually don’t get disgusted by certain gags like these ones in movies, but there was one scene where it actually had me gagging just a bit. Just a bit though. Despite being disgusting though, they are still pretty funny and a couple of scenes where we find Jim and Stifler getting caught in some pretty messed up situations had me laughing just about every time they showed up. Didn’t have me laughing my ass off by any means but there was definitely a huge amount of chuckles that brought a big smile onto my face.

What I also liked about this film was how there was still an under-lining sweetness here that made all of the ugly things going on here, seem not so bad after all. In the 2nd movie, the best part of it all was the sweet, little romance Jim and Michelle had going on and every time their romance showed up it made me smile. Here, the film touches on that and it was just really great to see two sweet hearts come together and finally say their vows together. I think it’s just great to see these two finally end up perfectly together like we’ve always wanted to see them and that adds a lot to the film’s tone.

However, my main problem with this flick was that I also felt like they didn’t really focus on them that much and the film was more about Stifler then anything. Don’t get me wrong though, Stifler is the effin’ man and had me laughing with just about everything he said but it was Jim and Michelle’s wedding after all and I think they deserved moire of the spot-light. I also felt like they barely went over any of the problems that would come inside two people who were about to get married such as whether or not either of them are having cold feet or not, or just whether or not they want to go through with this. Sounds like a little bit too much to ask from an ‘American Pie’ movie but there still could have been some more here.

 Seann William Scott is great as Stifler though and is easily one of the main reasons why this film works because he’s an asshole, a dick, and total pompous asshole that just wants to get some ladies in his bed but he gets to show a little bit of his nice side too. He doesn’t turn around 180 degrees and say he’s sorry for anything but he shows a bit more heart in here than we expected and that’s all that matters. Everybody else here is great too but it’s really strange how the whole original gang is all missing. I get it that not everybody wanted to come back and possibly couldn’t have for this third flick but it just felt even stranger that barely any mention of them or where they are that couldn’t make them apart of this wedding was made at all. It all just felt weird without the original gang here but then again, I guess that’s why they’re having this reunion after all so I guess that’s all that matters.

Consensus: American Wedding is exactly what you can expect from the 3rd flick of its series: gross-out humor, Stifler acting like an ass, and an under-lining sweetness. The problem with this one though is that it’s a little bit too much about Stifler and could have focused a lot more on Jim and Michelle, aka the two peeps who were actually getting married here.



  1. Seann William Scott was the highlight of the film for me. Dude can dance.

    I agree with you on the narrative because I wished it focused more on Jim and Michelle’s wedding as well. Plus, it needed more Eugene Levy.

  2. I thought this film was just okay. I only really watched it for the Biggs and Hannigan storyline. The franchise was definintely running out of steam here.

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