Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012)

You’re a dummy Russell Brand, you really are.

This is an intimate look at the fun glamorous, heartbreaking, inspiring, crazy, passionate, magical and honest mad diary of Katy Perry.

These concerts movies that come out every year always seem to be the same thing: a story about a popular singer, mixed with footage from behind-the-scenes, and a concert filled with all of their biggest hits. They did it with Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber, and look exactly where it got all of them (with the exception of Bieber of course). However, this one is a tad different because they have it all centered around a chick who sang about kissing girls, and liking it. Sadly, she never actually commits the act of kissing girls, but that’s why I have an imagination.

Seeing this film in 3D, is definitely not a “must”, but if you do, you will probably like the way this whole film is shot and the way it looks. Just take a look at that poster to the right, try and tell me that that is not some of the most yellow-looking popcorn you have ever seen in your life! But that’s how this whole flick is. It’s filled with all of these vibrant and purty colors, whether she’s back-stage stretching her legs out or shaking her boo-thang to ‘Teenage Dream’, and it’s really nice to just gaze at.

But on top of that, the songs are pretty fun, too. I’ve never been a huge fan of Katy Perry, I have always thought her songs were OK at best, but every time the film showed her in concert, jamming out to one of these songs, I will admit that I didn’t start to lip some of the lines and actually do my infamous “air drumming” that I do at any movie that has any type of music in it whatsoever. I know all 0f her hits (and living in the 21st century, how could you not?!?) and on the car ride home, I actually did feel a bit tempted to search all over the radio just looking for one of her songs. They’re catchy as hell, so just give me a break!

The one thing that really kept me away from this movie, was the fact that I felt like they didn’t show enough of Katy Perry. Yeah, we get to see what she’s really like behind-the-scenes and all, which I’ll get to in a minute, but I never felt like it went down that road as deep as it could have. We get a good glimpse of what’s going on through her mind during her divorce with Russell Brand, and how sad that makes her, but other than that, it’s all fun and games without any real ideas of who or what the person really is underneath that candy-cane skirt.

However, with the stuff about her that they do show and go into detail about, really made me like and think about her more. I always knew there was something somewhat different by the way Katy Perry handled herself and acted, but I thought it was all for show, instead, I find out through this film that she is actually like this all day, everyday and she is just being herself which makes her so much more endearing. Perry is not a wonder woman by any chance, she can’t really dance to her songs, she can’t keep up with her schedule, and she tries so hard to make her marriage work when it seems like it’s over, but she does show that she works her butt off when it comes to making her fans happy, whether it being giving a kick-ass show or a kick-ass meet-and-greet with her fans.

Not only does this chick do more in one night, then I do in an entire month (thank you movie reviewing), she is also a lovely person to be around. Perry just has this certain aspect to her character that really stands-out and makes you realize that this girl really is a genuinely nice person that only wants to make others around her happy and that everything that she sings about, comes from the heart regardless of how cheesy or lame her songs may actually be. I’ll give Perry one thing, she is definitely one of those rare pop-stars that has fun and goes out on that stage to give it her all, but at the end of the day, she is just another American-born and raised girl from a very religious family.

Consensus: People who don’t really like Katy Perry, or don’t have any interest in finding anything out about her probably won’t like what they see on-display here, but if you like her music, like her, or are curious about what goes on back-stage with her, then Katy Perry: Part of Me is a fun concert flick that will satisfy all of your Perry-needs.



  1. I’m not even ashamed to say that I have seen this woman live in concert, as she is truly amazing! I’ve been to loads of gigs in my life time, but her show topped Green Day, My Chemical Romance (they were really bad), Busted and to an extent Take That. I have seen less mainstream bands too like Sum 41, Bowling For Soup and Alkaline Trio so I’m not just a sucker for popular music. I’ve been really tempted to go see this movie for the back stage stuff, but I’m not sure because I’ve already been there and seen it all in the flesh. Good review mate, you’ve really made me consider going to see it.

    • Thanks man! It’s good and you don’t have to love her to enjoy her, you just have to like music and I guess, like concerts as well. Hope you do like it if you see it.

  2. I’m so glad you reviewed this! I have to admit I do kinda want to see it. I like Perry’s music to an extent (catchy like you said) but I do like her persona (or what seems to be her persona) and wouldn’t mind getting a better view. And she’s cute. 😉

  3. I’m unlikely to see this but I think it is a far more worthy doc/concert film than Justin Beiber’s effort. At least the act in question has talent.

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