Classic movie scenes change your life forever

Classic movie scenes change your life forever

Have you ever stopped to think about just how classic movie scenes really do change your life forever?
This may be for the better – but it’s usually for the worse. But then we homo-sapiens do love to be scared in the name of entertainment. So let me illustrate; tell me, really, have you ever been able to swim in deep sea water that you can’t see underneath and been relaxed in doing so since you first saw Jaws?
You see what I mean? So whether we really want them to be or not, many classic movie scenes are indelibly etched into our memories forever.
And perhaps this is something we really need to think about before we go to see any new movies? After all, we may emerge from the movie theater completely changed people. After all, have you ever been able to push through a clearing in the woods or a forest without hearing the first few twangy notes of “ Dueling Banjos” since you first saw Deliverance? If so, good for you – but for many of us, the very understandable fear lives on!
Or how about the bursting of alien from John Hurt’s stomach? If you ever have a severe belly ache, it’s difficult to get that particular compulsive thought out of your head. And who can ever forget the screeching music from that scene in Psycho when taking a shower behind a curtain?
The bad list goes on and on – far longer than the good stuff. But there are some nicer moments. So for example, how many of us could really walk across a New York subway grating and not think about Marilyn Monroe’s dress blowing upwards from The Seven Year Itch?
The fact is that classic scenes fundamentally affect our lives forever more once they’re etched into our memories – whether we like it or not. So maybe you should think twice before you go and see Fast and Furious 6, because you’ll never be able to drive down a remote canyon highway again without thinking you’re going to get a wire rope across our windshield.



  1. Despite loving swimming out in the open ocean with the shoreline seemingly miles away and just enjoying bobbing up and down in the sea, I won’t lie, that damn Jaws theme never fails to pop into my head and I find myself looking down just checking if that thing that just brushed my legs was actually a homicidal, revenge seeking great white shark.

  2. I live for Fast and Furious 6. You are right about movie scenes changing your life but I don’t know, not sure it applies to Fast and Furious..maybe for my boyfriend. I know he likes to link driving to his racing in video games or movies but thats because he is a car fanatic.
    However, you are right about Jaws. I always get scared of what creepy things could come out of the water, sharks or whatever else…

  3. I couldn’t go in our pool for the longest time after seeing Jaws – despite knowing the pool was 20 feet across and Jaws was 25 feet. There are so many moments like this – almost too many to count! The White House blowing up in ID4, the T-Rex attack in JP, the first time Madmartigan picks up a sword in Willow, the arrival of the Goblin King in Labyrinth, and the first battle in Highlander are all huge moments for me. However, the first shot of the Imperial Walkers in Empire Strikes Back is the one moment that defines my love for movies. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. It’s a fun thought to contemplate. Good post! I tend to relate many things in my daily life to movies. Often times I randomly spit out quotes if somebody says something that reminds me of a particular movie. So in a way, not only do classic movie scenes change our lives, but I think classic dialogue does also.

  5. Jaws and the facehugger from Alien are pretty nasty things that also got to me as a kid. Some strange ones that bothered me: Large Marge from Pee-wee’s Big Adventure and that scene from RoboCop where the guy crashes into the toxic waste and comes out all melted. Oh and Pennywise from Stephen King’s IT.

  6. The scene that changed my life forever would have to be from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. When Joel and Clementine are in the library saying their final goodbye before his memory of her is erased forever. It taught me to always appreciate what you had and have with people and that in the end the good memories out weigh the bad. That’s just my two scents 🙂

  7. Mines really rubbish, but Arachnophobia scarred me. Turning off lights, putting my feet into things… any way spiders killed people in that film. And I don’t even live in a country with poisonous spiders!

  8. There’s so many scenes that changed my life as far as how often I quote them, but as far as anything otherwise, I’d say The Sixth Sense. I saw it the summer between 6th and 7th grades, and the scene in which Haley Joel Osment comes downstairs and sees his mother with slit wrists didn’t freak me out at first, but I woke up in the middle of the night thinking of it. To a greater extent, I would always put my glasses of water in the sink immediately after drinking them for the longest time after seeing that movie, because I was afraid (I guess) that they were going to be poisoned and I would suffer the same fate as the little girl who died of soup poisoning. :/

  9. My most quoted line has to be The Matrix’s “not like this…not like this…” for over a decade.
    “Do or do not” is my go-to expression at work.
    (As a child, I couldn’t even swim in the shadowy parts of the pool’s deep end for fear of a dorsal fin)

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