R.I.P.D. (2013)

Who ya gonna call? Van Wilder and The Dude?

Nick Walker (Ryan Reynolds) wakes up one day as if it was the most normal, average day he’s ever lived. His girlfriend (Stephanie Szostak) wakes him up with hugs, cuteness, and kisses, he goes to work, talks with his partner (Kevin Bacon) of what to do with a bunch of stolen-goods he’s buried underneath a tree, and goes off to raid a meth-house. Same old shit, different day you would think, right? Well this day is different from any other that Nick has lived because he gets shot and killed by his partner. Bummer, I know. But rather than living the after-life like a ghost, roaming all throughout the world or the heavens up above, or something, he’s assigned to be a member of the R.I.P.D. organization, an after-life police-force that’s built to take monsters out of the real world. Nick is up to the task, just as long as he’s able to live his life, but the task gets a lot more complicated when he’s given the go to be partnered-up with wild-cat Roy (Jeff Bridges), a cat who’s been dead and on the force for quite some time.

You know how I knew this flick was going to be lame? No, not because of the crappy, first trailer a mixture between Jonah Hex and Men in Black, but because I literally saw it 2 hours before it was finally released to the public. For ordinary peeps who have no idea what that means, it means that the movie sucked so bad, that the studio that released it didn’t even trust it enough with the critics, so who needs a screening a week or two before? Give it to the people right away so it can get some word-of-mouth, whether it be good or bad. However, shady-screenings make any film look bad, which this one isn’t. Then again, maybe I was just in a good mood to begin with.

Watch out, Hollywood! They got a bomb on their hands!
Watch out, Hollywood! They got a bomb on their hands!

Actually, no. That’s definitely what it is. I’m still a sucker for free movies.

The thing with this movie that I didn’t mind was that it was somewhat fun. Granted, it’s nothing new you haven’t seen done before time and time again, especially within the past year or so, but it still allowed me to have a small ounce of fun, despite being nothing out of the ordinary. It’s supposed to be a comic book movie, but doesn’t show much color or wildness to it that could really make me feel as if I was watching a comic book brought to the big screen. It’s sort of just on the screen for us to see and have some fun with, which is what happens, even if it feels like it could have been better. Actually, so much better to be exact.

The movie’s premise to promise something wacky, crazy, and energetic, but even though we get bits and pieces of that idea, the movie still toys around with our minds thinking that it’s going to explode at any second. However, it doesn’t and just continues to lie there, hoping we don’t know how lazy it’s being. I may call it “lazy”, even if I still didn’t mind it, but I’m still struggling with ways to describe this movie in a way that can get past 1,000 words and also seems smart. But it’s a lot easier said in my mind, than actually done and typed-down in this review.

That said, it’s not a bore. Some people will find themselves laughing at the goofy-quips between these two, or the creations of the CGI-monsters, who all feel like the most blatant rip-offs of Men in Black, with each and every one looking like Vincent D’Onofrio’s long, lost relative in a world where creatures roam the world, and the action that shows up in spots to smooth-out the non-stop exposition that’s fed to us, even if we don’t want to digest, and all of that’s fine. Nobody is wrong in their right mind for enjoying this movie because that’s what it’s here and released in the dead of the Summer for: to be enjoyed. Even I took a bit of the Kool-Aid in a way, so even I deserve a small bit of that finger pointed at me as well. But knowing what a Summer blockbuster can be, especially one that featured huge, freakin’ robots and monsters colliding, head-to-head, you know that you should and could do a lot better.

"Please, God. Let Green Lantern 2 never happen."
“Please, God. Let Green Lantern 2 never happen.”

However, it’s the Summer time so spend some money if you have some left-over. Just don’t make this movie your first choice. Or the second. Or the third. Or maybe just your last choice before you lose your mind and spend money on Lone Ranger. Yeah, whatever you do: Just don’t buy a ticket to the Lone Ranger. Bother your wallet with this and “thank me” later. I guess.

If there’s something in this movie that makes it a slight cut above some of the other pieces of junk that’s out there, playing in cinema’s all over the globe now, it’s the nice chemistry between it’s two leading stars, who both seem to be slumming it a little bit, but not too much to where it’s almost unwatchable. For instance, Reynolds has that comedic-timing that works and makes you laugh every once and awhile, and Bridges is basically playing another rendition of Rooster Cogburn, but with the slightest understanding of what the hell he’s actually trying to say. It’s a bit hard at times, I will admit, but when you can understand him, he’s pretty funny to listen to, even if most of them consider of him saying “Oh shit” to every insane thing that happens to him and Reynolds’ character. Like I said, their chemistry doesn’t break any new ground or give them a career resurgence that they desperately need, but for an hour-and-a-half, they are fine to watch. That’s all you have to ask for from a movie starring these two, especially one released during, as I said: “In the dead of Summer.” That’s all there is to it, folks.

Consensus: Even though it’s as ordinary and conventional as you’re going to get with an action-comedy such as R.I.P.D., you can still have a small ounce of fun with it, and also do a hell of a lot worse with your time and money. Once again, talking about you, Lone Ranger.

5 / 10 = Rental!!

Beat it old, Chinese man!
Beat it old, Chinese man!


  1. Man im going to have to butt heads here and say that for as bad as The Lone Ranger turned out to be, RIPD looks far worse. But its really nice to see someone giving this film some credit, though. Solid review as always

  2. No interest. The trailer did not appeal to me–at all. I will wait and watch it at home–maybe make a drinking game out of it– 😀

    Great write-up! Later!

  3. Great review! I completely agree that while bad, R.I.P.D. had some very enjoyable moments. The plot was full of holes and everything was really silly, but I found myself entertained to some extent.

  4. I haven’t seen Lone Ranger yet but after reading three of your reviews warning people against it, I’m actually quite intrigued now, darn you! 😀

    Still, great review man 😀

  5. I can’t wait for Lone Ranger to come to netflix streaming — all the lousey reviews and word of mouth has piqued my interest to try to get through the first 15-30 minutes, at least. RIPD — I agree, what eats me is how much better it could/should have been. Thanks.

  6. Great review. I was wondering what others would think of this movie. I love Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, but the trailer just looked ok. We’ll hold off on watching this until it’s out on DVD…especially with movie ticket prices sky rocketing.

  7. R.I.P.D. may not be anything special, but it’s hardly the worst film I’ve seen this year. Although it’s obviously Men in Black meets Ghostbusters, the main things it has going for it are its quick pace, solid chemistry between its leads, and mildly funny humor. It’s greatest crime is being so painfully average that watching it makes you drowsy. I left the theater yawning.

    I couldn’t understand Jeff Bridges part of the time either. I thought he sounded like Foghorn Leghorn with a frog in his throat haha.

    A friend of mine worked on this movie and the most hilarious thing he told me was that it wasn’t originally a comedy. It was much more serious when they shot it and they decided to make it funny when they did all the re-shoots. Not sure it would have played well as serious either, however the comedy works to a degree.

  8. […] doing next. I mean, for lord’s sake, I actually didn’t mind something as plain and simple as R.I.P.D., so you definitely know that this wasn’t going to be a total dread for me to watch. It just […]

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