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That Awkward Moment (2014)

Moments are only awkward, if you make them be. There. I said it.

Three, twenty-something friends since college, decide that they’re going to keep on doing what they’ve been doing for awhile: Stay single, get ladies and party hard, with no commitments at all. Both Jason (Zac Efron) and Daniel (Miles Teller) have been keeping up with this life-style for quite some time, but due to his recent split from his wife, Mikey (Michael B. Jordan) joins in on the fun and learns a thing or two about being back in the game. And while everything starts off fine with these guys getting laid every which way from Saturday, eventually, feelings do come into the mix of things and surprise these guys more than they ever wanted to be surprised. For Jason, he starts up a relationship after a one-night-stand with Ellie (Imogen Poots); Daniel begins an intimate-relationship with one of his long-time girlfriends and “wing woman”, Chelsea (Mackenzie Davis); and as for poor Mikey, the guy gets back together with his wife, although it’s not fully clear whether or not they’re actually, full-on “back together”, or just “having fun”. For all three of these guys, though they definitely want to stay in the single game for a long time, they end up realizing that maybe it’s time to start settling-down, especially if you’ve already found that special someone to do it with.

We get it, Zac! You're sexy as hell!

We get it, Zac! You’re sexy as hell!

Though I am probably wrong, you don’t usually see a movie being totally and centrally targeted towards “the bros” out there. Sure, you see Apatow flicks where guys are always talking amongst themselves about dicks, farts, weed, boobs, pop-culture and all sorts of other things we associate with Apatow movies, but so rarely do we get movies where young, single and free-wheeling guys, are just being themselves. Reminds me of the good old days with movies like Swingers and…..well yeah, Swingers.

Like I said though, maybe it has been, or maybe it hasn’t been a long time since the last time we just had a movie that solely focused on a group of dudes, the booze they consume, the parties they venture out to and the ladies then end-up snagging by the end of the night, all while still maintaining their “bro code”. It reminds me of the times me and my buddies hang-out, where all we do is talk about whatever comes to our minds first, mainly girls; the same type of girls none of us will ever get. But hey, that’s why you have your guy friends around, right?

Anyway, my point is, since movies like this don’t come around so often (or maybe they do and I just don’t know), they have to work and seem somewhat believable, so it isn’t just a bunch of d-bags spouting-out their ways of picking up insanely-hot woman, and how they are practically rubbing it in your face for not being like them, and getting these insanely-hot women. But sadly, it can be just that. While I do think that these performances were charming enough to win these characters over with me, I could only handle it so many times when I saw a guy like Zac Efron pick up a lady, or two ladies, a night, and say how he craves and wants more. But then, all of a sudden, wants a relationship, and still can’t help but call-up the last-second “booty-call”. It’s fine and all because Zac Efron is a good-looking guy, with a jacked-up body who can easily get any woman in the world that he wanted, but I just don’t want to see a movie about that.

And NO, it has nothing to do with jealousy. There’s just a fine line to where it becomes watching an actor play a role of a guy who is a bit like him, to playing a role of a guy that is him. Got a bit annoying after awhile, and although I did like Efron here and felt like he handled himself well with the script’s calling for humor, too much of his male, macho-posturing could only go on for so long with me until I had to spend the next 12 hours at the gym, trying to rip my body-up just as good as his.

Needless to say, it didn’t work. Damn you, Zac.

As for Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller, they fair a lot better by just being charming, without really trying to show-off. Both of their characters are thrown into odd positions where they get put into these relationships, but don’t actually want to brag about it or even tell anybody; so, they keep to themselves and seem like modest, young gentleman for doing so. Made them seem a lot cooler, nicer and maybe with a bit more set of morals than Efron’s character had, although he’s the one we’re supposed to cheering for to get the girl in the end. Personally, I was cheering on Jordan’s character, and it wasn’t because I like him in general, but because he was tapping somebody’s ass he’s very comfortable with and enjoying it: His own wife’s! Good for him, man!

How is "banging in the shower" considered "an awkward moment"? It's the way of life! Just ask the guys at the Golf Club!

How is “banging in the shower” considered “an awkward moment”? It’s the way of life! Just ask my high school football team-mates.

But it’s not like this whole movie is a total dude’s fest from beginning to end, because the lucky ladies that do get thrown into the mix, actually hold their own. Imogen Poots is good here as the sassy, but adorable love-interest of Efron’s character and while her accent can be god-awful at times, she still does a nice job at giving us a reason why we should believe that she’d fall for this guy’s charms, let alone actually stay with him, once she began to find out how much of a dick he could be. Same goes for Mackenzie Davis as Teller’s girlfriend who doesn’t have a really strong back-story going on between her and Teller’s character, but still has a cool-enough presence to where you don’t mind her being around and trying to be funny. Also, you have to commend an R-rated, rom-com that doesn’t show any nudity from the ladies, and in fact, only comes close to showing man-ass, or man-dong. That’s it, and I actually thought that was a smart decision. Showed that we didn’t need to rip these ladies’ clothes off to make them attractive; they just were.

Aside from all that nonsense, the movie itself is funny, but only due to the fact that the cast is so charming. When everybody’s clearly having fun being around one another, it’s a good time. Though the movie itself clearly likes to think it’s “more than just your traditional, average rom-com”, I can’t help but say that, “it isn’t”. There are some bits and pieces of insight, but none really go so far as “Man, relationships with girls are serious, man”, or, “Settling down is hard, man”; and even most of the plot-conflicts end up being resolved quite easily and obviously. Nothing ever really feels at-stake here and while you like these characters and their relationships with one another, if one was to cut all ties with the other, nothing would really make me sad, wishing for the day they re-connected. I would just hope that they found better people to be around, or possibly a new love in their life. Either way, I’d just hope they were happy. That’s strange, right? I don’t know. Don’t listen to me when I ramble.

Consensus: At times, That Awkward Moment can be entertaining, funny and charming, all due to the wonderful, young cast on-display, but that’s pretty much all there is to this plain material. Oh, but it does feature the best cameo of 2014, so far! Trust me, stay for the end credits. You’ll thank me when you see it.

6 / 10 = Rental!!

It's as if Hollywood graduated all of its hot, young, attractive and promising males-under-30 and let them act as if they were over-30. Cappuccinos, scarves and all!

It’s as if Hollywood graduated all of its hot, young, attractive and promising males-under-30 and let them act as if they were over-30. Cappuccinos, scarves and all!

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28 responses to “That Awkward Moment (2014)

  1. jjames36 February 1, 2014 at 3:31 am

    The cast is reason enough to want to see this.

    But then. The concept and trailers so make me not want to. You didn’t hate it, though that’s something.

  2. Consumed by Film February 1, 2014 at 4:08 am

    Glad you found this somewhat good-going. I’ve not seen it, but am a tad wary myself.

    Good review Dan!


    • CMrok93 February 3, 2014 at 4:32 am

      Thanks Adam! Seems like a lot of people are, and it makes sense. It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s fine for a couple of laughs and charming performances from some of the hottest, young stars we got today.

  3. Mark Hobin February 1, 2014 at 5:29 am

    Miles Teller was in The Spectacular Now. Michael B. Jordan was in Fruitvale Station. Those are the only 2 reasons I would even consider watching this comedy. Sorry, but it looks absolutely dreadful.

  4. thycriticman February 1, 2014 at 8:06 am

    Just got dragged to this by my girlfriend, and cannot say I was overly happy about it. I missed this cameo you are talking about, because I was so ready to get up, and leave the theater. Is it weird that I do not find Poots the slightest bit attractive? Jessica Lucas was the standout for me.

    Teller and Jordan try their best, but the generic plot did not do it for me.

    • CMrok93 February 3, 2014 at 4:35 am

      Poots is good-looking, but quite skinny. Same for Lucas and Davis. However, everybody here is charming and makes this the least bit better? I don’t know. At least in my eyes they did, and my eyes can be a bit odd at times.

  5. thomasjford February 1, 2014 at 8:46 am

    Not one I’ll be pursuing for a while…

  6. Whit's Movie Reviews February 1, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    I have to say a movie called “That Awkward Moment” sounded god awful. Although a 6/10 ain’t all bad, so maybe I’ll rent it. As always, great review Dan!

  7. keith7198 February 1, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    Good review. My gosh this thing looks terrible. And what a surprise, another Hollywood raunchy comedy. I swear the comedy genre sucks right now. If you don’t like raunch or Adam Sandler type idiocy you’re out of luck.

  8. Candice Frederick February 1, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    wow finally no female nudity, but there is male siggetsiveness? that’s rare. yeah, this looks as lame as you’ve said.

  9. Tom February 2, 2014 at 3:08 am

    Good work buddy, but one i’ll skip for sure. I don’t like Miles Teller in these kinds of roles.

    21 & Over made me nearly want to stab my eyes out with infected rebar.

  10. Lights Camera Reaction February 2, 2014 at 11:03 pm

    This looks terrible, but I still want to see it, haha. I do love Imogen Poots. She needs better roles though.

  11. Courtney Young February 6, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Ugh I was so excited for Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. Zac Efron seems to be a cinematic curse…I knew this movie was doomed, script or not, when he was cast. =(

  12. Explore Pictures Blog February 9, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    Reblogged this on Explore Pictures Blog and commented:
    If you have the time to read, check out this review on #ThatAwkwardmoment

  13. vinnieh February 20, 2014 at 6:51 pm

    I may check this one out after reading your review.

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