Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Just as long as I’m not apart of it, Tom Cruise can re-live any point in his existence that he wants.

After a mix-up that leaves him confused and totally out-of-his-element, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) gets sent to the front-lines in a current war between humans and aliens known as “Mimics”. Cage clearly has no idea what to do with these new battle-suits the government has issued, yet, has no problem in taking out one alien on the battle-field. However, in doing so, he dies as well. But, moments later, finds himself woken-up, back to a moment in which he was getting brought into the war camp. He knows that he’s experienced this moment before and tries to plead his case to everyone around him, yet, no one wants to hear it and continues sending him out into the battlefield. And yet, time and time again, Cage wakes up, same place, same people, same situations, and same memory. Yet, during one of these adventures, a fellow, very respected soldier by the name of Rita Vratasky (Emily Blunt), wonders about Cage and tells him to, “come and see me when you wake up”. Cage does and together, the two cobble-up a master-plan in which, together, they’ll have to find the source to where all of these Mimics are coming from, where, hopefully, they’ll be able to stay safe enough where they can die and do it all over again. However, if they can’t and somehow get a blood-transfusion of any sorts, then the day will stop repeating, therefore meaning, everyone will die and never come back to life. Case closed.

Oh, look at Tom Cruise still thinking he's over six-foot tall.
Oh, look at Tom Cruise still thinking he’s over six-foot tall.

Pretty sure that I could have summed all of that up by saying it’s “Groundhog Day meets Independence Day“, but there’s more to this movie than just that. See, it’s a gimmick-movie in which it’s a war movie that just so happens to repeat itself, time and time again; but then again, calling it a “gimmick movie”, would give one the impression that this a movie that relies solely on that gimmick, without barely anything else substantial made in the process.

However, that’s not the case with Edge of Tomorrow, because while it’s a premise I’m sure we’ve all seen done before, there’s something special about it being used here. For instance, that movie Source Code had the same Groundhog Day-gimmick going for itself, yet, where that movie seemed to try almost too hard to where it fell on its feet more times than it should have, Edge of Tomorrow really feels like a movie that has everything perfectly planned-out to where they’ll be no confusion from anybody, at anytime whatsoever. Sure, there’s a lot of sci-fi gibbery-goo that gets spouted out on more than a few occasions, but that just acts as simple exposition; it’s only real purpose is to give us a reason to believe what it is we’re seeing in this movie, as well as to move the plot along. That’s it.

If you care about not being able to believe anything that happens in this movie, then don’t watch it, because it is relatively goofy. Then again, the idea that a person could live one day, over and over again, without any real, life-long consequences, is goofy in and of itself. However, this movie knows that and really runs wild with the idea that somebody could experience the same battle, over and over again, while simultaneously, still finding a way to end it all. It sounds like it could be easily convoluted and messy, but director Doug Liman gets through most of it all by just having a great time with this material and realizing that audience-members want fun with premises like this.

Everything you’d expect this Cage guy to go through, emotionally and physically, while “graced” with this talent, he goes through and it’s always believable and interesting. Not to mention, it’s also pretty fun to see a deuche bag, played by Tom Cruise, get his ass handed to him on more than a few occasions. But Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise, he’s a good sport for whatever this material allows him to do and once again, I can hardly find a problem with this guy’s performance, which is mainly due to the fact that he’s playing a character who is well-written as is.

What’s so neat about William Cage is that, early on, we get the idea that he’s a total prick; he’s the kind of guy who will dedicate mostly all of his life to getting that desk-job, just so that he doesn’t have to worry about getting his hands dirty. We find this out early on and it makes us see him as nothing other than an a-hole who deserves to be taken off of his high-horse, by any means necessary. It’s great to see Cruise play somebody that’s a tad unlikable again, as well as somebody that’s allowed to grow over time. Because “grow”, is exactly what Cage does and it’s all pretty believable too. Cage does grow a conscience over time, and though the advertisements may have you think otherwise, it isn’t because he wants to get his bone jumped by Emily Blunt’s fine British rump; it’s more because he actually wants to save humanity and doesn’t want to let his powers go to waste.

She just had a child, mind you.
She just had a child, mind you.

Speaking of Emily Blunt, she does a very great job as this bad-ass soldier Rita Vratasky. Blunt got pretty ripped-up for this role and while we don’t necessarily get too many shots of her in all her lovely, sweaty-form, we do get to see her beat the hell out of these alien-like creatures, and it’s pleasing to watch. Also the more pleasing is that she isn’t a female character included to just be Cruise’s on-screen love-interest; she serves the plot and actually brings a lot of heart to material that can be pretty grim at times. She does that “sad-but-sort-of-angry-face” very well and that’s displayed on more than a few occasions here, yet, builds her character more and more into making her someone we can get behind, even while her decisions may not always be the best for herself or Cage.

I know that sounds all very corny and too “hurrah! hurrah”!, even by my standards, but this is what can happen to a moviegoer like me – a person who has seen more movies in his life than he can probably count. If you give me a premise that’s well thought-out and doesn’t noticeably trip over itself more than a handful of times, then yeah, count me in for the ride baby! That’s not to say there aren’t a few problems here and there with this movie, but honestly, I didn’t let too many of them get in the way of a movie that wanted to treat me to some fine, thrilling, and action-packed summer fun. And heck, if a movie can throw in a nice helping of “smart” in there, then hey, I’m all for that.

In fact, bring more of it. Please.

Consensus: While Edge of Tomorrow has a gimmick we’ve all seen done before, the circumstances are different, therefore, we’re treated to more excitement, fun, wit, and a movie that is at least smart enough to know when to joke around, and when to lay down its cards and be serious as well, without hardly ever losing its audience.

8 / 10 = Matinee!!

"So uh, after all of this war stuff, you want to grab a bite to eat or possibly convert to a different religion? You know, or whatever you want to do."
“So uh, after all of this war stuff is over, you want to grab a bite to eat or possibly convert to a new religion? You know, or whatever you want to do.”

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  1. I love how you write a nice little quip before starting the review!

    Extremely well written and agreeable, although I think I’m slightly more in love with the film here!

  2. The reviews on this one are almost unanimously positive – Cruise on a resurgence, perhaps? Can’t wait to check this out out. Great review, as usual Dan!

  3. Great review man, I think most people wil be surprise by how good this film is, I think the trailers have done this film a bit of disservice as it is a lot better than they make the film out to be and hopefully good word of mouth can spread the film. i thought it was very refreshing, fun and loved Cruise, Blunt and the inclusion of Bill Paxton.

  4. I don’t mind the gimmick as long as the gimmick is fun Great review. This may be the closest thing to a video game adaptation on the big screen that we got. Even though it is not based on one

  5. The whole groundhog day thing was going to keep me away from this, but now that I’ve seen a few good reviews, I may give it a shot. Cruise does get involved with some excellent sci-fi films (Minority Report is a fave of mine), but last year’s Oblivion was a bit of a let down.

  6. Good review Dan, seems like you were pleasantly surprised too. I don’t know why I had it out for this film but I didn’t have high hopes at all. It looked like th Oblivion of 2014, which I guess isn’t saying anything bad. . .just that it was going to be another bland, unoriginal and dull story. What has materialized couldn’t be more opposite, and I was glad to see Cruise taking full advantage of playing against-type. It worked so well. Kudos to Doug Liman

  7. Watching the same scene play out repeatedly might seem monotonous, but it never feels that way. The execution is surprisingly captivating because it combines thrills with levity. Practice makes perfect.

  8. I had a surprisingly good time with this Tom Cruise vehicle. I absolutely loved Blunt and thought Liman behind the camera added an element that is unseen during the summer months. Nice Review!

  9. This movie works. It works because the two stars sell it and it looks great. Nice to see that your view and so many others are as enthusiastic about this as I am. This deserves to be a big hit, it will look diminished because of the grosses for The Fault in Our Stars, but the word of mouth from people like you can hopefully sustain it.

  10. I obviously like Source Code more than you do, and think it’s a better film than Edge of Tomorrow. But, that aside, EoT is surprisingly good fun, especially the way they had a bit of fun with Tom Cruise’s image at the beginning – showing him as a bit of a hapless coward before he gets the chance to redeem himself.

  11. Just saw this last night and I can’t agree more with your review. Thought the movie was clever, well done and the casting was great. Enjoyed Blunt in a different-than-usual role and appreciated that she wasn’t just in the movie for Tom to fall in love with. I think I even said at one point to myself, “this is Groundhog Day and Independence Day rolled into one.” 🙂

  12. This quote is the key to the whole review!!! “It sounds like it could be easily convoluted and messy, but director Doug Liman gets through most of it all by just having a great time with this material and realizing that audience-members want fun with premises like this.” Yes, you have to go in to see this movie with that mindset to really enjoy it, which was fun. Very good review and movie Dan.

  13. I was shocked at how much I liked this film. Just did my review but the more I think about the film the more I think I like it. Love a pleasant surprise at the cinema 😀

    Great review Dan

  14. Great review Dan. I pretty much agree on all counts. Glad to see Tom Cruise play someone unlikable who has to earn our respect over the course of the film. I like how things are tight so you don’t have too many opportunities to ponder plot holes, at least not until the end anyway. Also dug that Rita was badass in her own right and not there as a love interest for him. Just a good movie from start to finish.

  15. I should’ve watched it a lot sooner but it released with no major buzz despite starring one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Anyway, better late than never, this turned out to be the biggest surprise of the year so far. So big that for me it’s the finest I’ve seen this year & unless Dawn of the Planet of the Apes pulls off a miracle, this is locked as my pick for The Summer Movie of the Year.

    Great review as always, Dan.

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