Results (2015)

Staying fit is a lot harder than finding a possible mate.

Trevor (Guy Pearce) runs a local gym where people are trained to make themselves better in ways that they can’t even imagine. That’s why, after still reeling from a divorce, incredibly rich guy, Danny (Kevin Corrigan), decides to come into his place one day, and ask if he can start getting up on a training-program. While Danny’s a bit weird, Trevor still feels bad enough for the guy that he gives him one of his most talented, most passionate trainers, Kat (Cobie Smulders); somebody who he actually had a relationship with in the past, but unbeknownst to the both of them, never amounted to much. So even while Kat realizes that something is a bit strange about Danny, she still decides to work with him, seeing as how he definitely has the money to pay for it all. However, one fateful night, Kat and Danny get a tad bit closer than either of them two ever expected to, and that’s when relations get a bit challenging between all parties involved. Which honestly, couldn’t come at a worse time for Trevor, who is currently in the process of expanding his business.

Writer/director Andrew Bujalski has been in the indie/mumblecore scene for quite some time and now, just like his fellow counterparts (Lynn Shelton, Joe Swanberg, and Drake Dormeus, among others), it’s finally his time to go big. By big, I don’t necessarily sell his own soul to the devils that are incredibly rich Hollywood producers, but in that I mean it was time for Bujalski to break out of his shell a bit, get more established names and, in a way, make sure that more than just a handful of people see his movies. While some may see this as a way of “selling out”, to me, it doesn’t matter, so long so as the new movies stay in the same spirit as the earlier ones that came before.

What I imagine every woman's reaction is to speaking with Guy Pearce. Lucky bastard.
What I imagine every woman’s reaction is to speaking with Guy Pearce. Lucky bastard.

And believe it or not, Results is very much a Andrew Bujalski movie. For better, as well as for worse.

In a way, Results is Bujalski’s way of holding up the magnifying glass to those who care so much about the tone, the look and the feel of their bodies, and dig deeper beneath the surface. While it would have been quite easy to poke fun at these types and show how most of them are all stupid, muscle-bound freaks who don’t have much going on in their lives other than vanity, Bujalski shows that you can’t always judge a book by their cover. It sounds corny, but it’s a sentiment that holds true no matter which type of person you look at.

Such is the case with Trevor, the gym owner who wants to make it big. Rather than being a silly, overly cheery Aussie, he’s more of a sad, lonely and needy dude who has aspirations to make his career, as well as his life, better, but also knows that in order to do so, he may need to find that special someone of his. Same goes for Kat, although, more or less, she knows that she’s lonely and needs a suitable mate in her life, however, by the same token, she doesn’t care too much to actually search for one; she’s too busy running and being pissed-off at everyone.

And between these two characters, Bujalski is able to draw a connection that’s clearly on the romantic side, but he doesn’t hit us over the head with it. We know that they were, at one point in their lives, casually seeing one another, but it was never anything serious to where they felt like they needed to give it another shot. However, we’re only told this through a few lines or so – everything else is made up for us to make up our own conclusions on and even then, it doesn’t seem Bujalski wants to put all that much effort in either.

In all honesty, he’s more interested in the character of Danny, played by the highly underrated Kevin Corrigan.

If Cobie Smulders was touching me, you'd bet I'd have the same look on my face, too.
If Cobie Smulders was touching me, you’d bet I’d have the same look on my face, too.

Now, while I agree that a movie solely dedicated to Guy Pearce and Cobie Smulders constantly flirting and toying around with one another would have made for an engaging and entertaining flick, there’s no problem with adding on another one, especially if the one is as strong as Danny. With Danny, Corrigan gets to show us that there’s more sides to his acting ability than most of us had been able to see before and it’s interesting, because this character hardly ever fits into the narrative. However, the shit storm that he creates, is what keeps this movie rolling and altogether, interesting.

That isn’t to say that Bujalski misses a few steps along the way, because he definitely does. Like with most of these mumblecore-ish movies, they feel as if they’re meandering and taking as much time as they want, regardless of who is watching them. And here, Bujalski doesn’t change a thing. In a way, this can be very frustrating, especially since we have a feeling that there’s a small lick of emotional material hidden underneath, but at the same time, it also gives us more and more time to focus on these characters, who they are, what they’re going through, and why exactly they’re worth our time and interest.

And with a cast like this, how could you argue?

Though it’s an odd combination, it’s surprising that Guy Pearce and Cobie Smulders work together as well as they do here as Trevor and Kat, respectively. While it’s easy to see that both of these characters are alike in ways that they don’t even know, it’s also easy to understand why they wouldn’t work out so magically in the first place, either. She’s a lot more blunt and obnoxious, whereas he’s more quiet and peaceful in day-to-day-activities. However, together, they somehow work and it’s fun to watch Pearce and Smulders beat around the bush with one another so damn much that it will definitely make some want to yell.

Like all the good movies make people do.

Consensus: The slow pace and meandering direction may make Results feel a bit longer than it should be, but due to the intimate details and wonderful cast, it’s still worth watching.

7.5 / 10

Great. More scenes of attractive people, playing attractive people, flirting.
Great. More scenes of attractive people, playing attractive people, flirting with one another.

Photos Courtesy of: Indiewire


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